The Patio Party Planners

Let Patio Culture's Space Age technology help you plan your next retro themed gathering. Rediscover classic cocktail and party fare with the amazing Lounge-o-Lizer and the astounding Buff-o-Matic! With the click of a button, you too can be the host with the most!

The Cocktail Crowd
Lounge-o-lizer Classic Drink Recipes

It's time to get those retro parties underway and Patio Culture can help! The Patio Culture was not just an outside phenomonon...during winter time it moved indoors. We've loaded some classic cocktail recipes into the Lounge-o-lizer for your next gathering. Just click the button to launch!

Buff-o-Matic: Retro buffet recipes

From the Patio Culture collection of retro cookbooks comes this selection of dessert, party appetizer, and buffet recipes that are sure to please. The Buff-o-Matic is just the thing to help with that next retro gathering. Just click on the button launch the Buff-o-Matic and start entertaining the modern way!

Retro buffet recipes
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