More photos from the world of Icky Twerp!

Icky and the Three Stooges

Bill (Icky Twerp) Camfield with the Three Stooges in the comedy western "The Outlaws are Coming". Circa 1965, this was Bill's movie debut, and featured the last Stooge combination Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Joe DeRita.

Icky and Bubbles Cash

Icky sharing a tender moment with local stripper Bubbles Cash. It's good to be the Twerp Man!


Gorgon, the gruesome host of "Nightmare!"


Stage painting used for the opening sequence of "Nightmare!" At the beginning of this live program, the camera would zoom into this painting creating the illusion of the audience moving down a haunted hallway.

The Twerp Report

Scene from the "Twerp Report"...a typical day at Slam Bang Theatre

Bob Camfield in later years

Bob Camfield in later years at a convention with Bob Bernet (My Pal Moe).

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