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Welcome to the Patio! The place where you grew up if you grew up in the suburban America of the 1960's!

Everything that was fun revolved around life on the patio. Fun and games. Friends and meat Red meat and green salads.
The patio wasn't just the center of suburban family life, it was a retro state of mind!


Whats Happening at Patio Culture?


The Cocktail Crowd
Lounge-o-lizer Classic Cocktail Recipes

Need a classic cocktail recipe for your next retro themed gathering? Look no farther than our latest piece of space-age technology, the Lounge-o-lizer! We've loaded 1960's inspired cocktail recipe favorites that are sure to please. Visit the Party Planner Page to launch!

Buff-o-Matic Retro Recipes

The Buff-o-Matic is just the thing you'll need to create spectacular Holiday retro buffet dishes and appetizers! Dazzle your guests with a cheese sputnik, cheese fondue, chicken a la king served in cheese toast cups, or even chili con weenie! Just visit the Party Planner Page to launch!

A retro buffet!


Steaks and Cocktails on The Patio!

Treat your guests right with step-by-step information on steak cookery on The Patio page because every season is grilling season! In the mood for a refreshing cocktail? Pull up a classic retro cocktail recipe on the Lounge-o-Lizer while you're there!

Exotica Music!

Now playing on our Exotica page is the best music from Martin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac, Arthur Lyman, Tak Shindo, and more. Sit back and relax to the exotic strains of hip-cool music from far away in time and place!

Slam Bang Theatre Video Clips!

YouTube video clips of Slam Bang Theatre and Nightmare are now available. Relive live black and white kid's show programming with Icky Twerp and his pals!

Retro Toys Guaranteed To Be Fun...Safety Optional!

Great toy selections on the Kid Stuff page to reminisce about! Remember Star Trek tracer guns, clackers, Charlie Weaver battery operated bartenders, and Texaco fire helmets? We do. What about "smart toys" like the Visible Man/Woman and the Plastic Pumping Heart? Revisit them here without the pressure of going to medical school. We've got a virtual stockroom of Patio kid essentials!

Patio Culture - Your Guide To Modern Living

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